ATT Online - SUSE Linux Enterprise Foundations (Course 9063)


Course Description

This course covers the foundational knowledge and skills required to administer SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. It condenses the most important information from the On-demand SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 courses (3115, 3116 & 3117) into a 5 day instructor led course. In order to help the learner retain the large amount of information provided in a short amount of time, the course is designed around grouping this critical information into 14 "knowledge domains" that are common to all Linux/UNIX operating systems. These "knowledge domains" are as follows: Installation, The Linux File System, Shell and User Environment, The GUI Environment, Software Management, Users and Security, Process Management, System Initialization, Storage Management, Network Configuration, Hardware and Drivers, System Monitoring and Common Services (Apache, NFS and Samba).

Audience Summary

Administrators with little or no Linux knowledge.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prequisites required.