ATT Online - PlateSpin: Recon, Migrate and Protect (Course 8260)


Course Description

This three day course covers PlateSpin Recon, Migrate and Protect. PlateSpin Recon allows you to determine what workloads are in your environment, to gather performance information that is then used to plan either a workload migration to a virtual environment to implement with PlateSpin Migrate or a protection plan to implement with PlateSpin Protect. PlateSpin Migrate is a multi-hypervisor tool for performing workload migrations to and from physical machines and virtual hypervisors. PlateSpin Protect allows you to protect both physical machine and virtual machine workloads using an ESX machine as the protection platform. It teaches you about the products and puts them into a business perspective of where and how they can be useful. The course includes labs that cover how to use the products.